Caterham 420 Workshop Manual

An unofficial workshop manual


After building my Caterham 420R in 2019 and getting it registered and on the road in 2020, it seems only correct that I perform all the servicing and maintenance for my car.

During the build I created a detailed build blog with the intention of creating a resource Caterham builders can use in addition to the manual, with plenty of pictures and tip & tricks I have learnt over the years, and during my previous Caterham build.

This site has been created to document all the servicing, maintenance and diagnostic procedures I perform on my 420R, and fellow owners cars if they let me. I intent its content to become a complete Service / Workshop manual, but this will be built up over time, as I document the procedures I carry out.

This is not an official Caterham Cars Workshop Manual; it is the documentation of the maintenance needed for one owner’s ownership journey.

I am a fastidious owner, but not to the extent where it spoils my ownership. I built my 420R to use (and sometimes abuse on track), but I will maintain my car to a high standard using mainly original parts. If I can’t do a specific task as a home mechanic, I will find the appropriate specialist and document the process.

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