Caterham 420 Workshop Manual

An unofficial workshop manual

Fluids and Filters

Over the years, Caterham have had various oil partners, and therefore the recommended fluids / oils have changed over time.

I recommend using known suppliers to avoid fake automotive components.

Engine Oil

For the Duratec engine Caterham recommends a 5w-50 oil.

  • Motul Sport 5w-50 Ester Synthetic
  • Millers Oils XF LongLife 5w-50 Fully Synthetic (Formerly XFS)
  • Comma Motorsport 5w-50 Fully Synthetic

Oil Filter

Caterham now brand their own oil filter, but previously they supplied Fram and UFI filters. There are plenty of oil filter cross-references which allow you to look up alternatives from different brands, for example:

  • Caterham 380E0003A
  • FRAM PH2874
  • UFI 23.118.00

Differential Oil

Recommended differential oil by Caterham:

  • Motul GEAR Competition 75W-140 Racing Fully Synthetic Car Gearbox & Limited Slip Diff (LSD) Oil

Caterham use Road and Race Transmission in Kent ( for differential rebuilds and other gearbox services. They have developed their own differential oil designed to reduce LSD noise:

  • RRT LS90 GL5
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